Chronicles of Azelia's book cover

Chronicles of Azelia

Life can be tough when you're a sixteen-year-old trying to restore an entire planet.

After her planet is destroyed, Aurica is tasked with finding ten of the sixteen elemental dragons in order to save her people and restore her planet. However, some of these dragons don't like her ancestors, which makes getting them on her side a bit difficult. She's also forced to deal with her older sister who has been brainwashed by the person responsible for her planet's destruction, a younger brother who only wants to be a ninja, and overprotective friends who just want to see her live to complete her quest.

Aurica collects new allies and confronts many struggles on her journey from the easy life as a mischievous princess to a queen in exile - a queen who is forced to stay one step ahead of her enemies as she fights to save her people and planet.

The hands of time are turning swiftly in this epic tale, but can Aurica beat them before time runs out?

Genre Fantasy
Pages 158
Published February 27th 2019
ISBN 9781728301181
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